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Commercial Cleaning Industry Overview

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Commercial Cleaning
Industry Overview

The commercial cleaning industry is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy. One of the reasons behind this, is the fact that cleaning has been, and continues to be, a recession-proof sector. In fact, despite the global down-turn in the economy, the commercial cleaning industry is expected to outperform past years in 2010. According to financial analysts the commercial cleaning industry is expected to climb from 80 billion dollars a year to raking in more than 150 billion in 2010. Additionally, the US Bureau of Labour Statics projects that the title of “professional cleaning specialist” will be one of the fastest growing jobs in the next few years.

There is plenty of scope for entrepreneurs who are wondering whether the commercial cleaning industry is worth their time and investment. The sector has traditionally been flooded with small, privately held and operated businesses. There is a lack of professional and standardized service in the commercial cleaning industry and so there is definitely plenty of room for new players. In fact, the rate of turn-over in the industry is very high because of the number of commercial cleaning suppliers who fail to deliver a consistently high level of service to their customers.

In order for any commercial cleaning supplier to be successful, it must be run as efficiently as any other businesses. The employees hired must be enthusiastic and hardworking with no criminal history or bad reference on their resume. They must also deliver consistent results when it comes to cleaning. If they are hired as an all-around cleaner then they must be able to vacuum, dust, shine brass, wash windows, clean bathrooms and iron properly. Good commercial cleaning services will actually train new employees in how they expect something to be cleaned so that there is no variance in the interpretation of what is clean and what is not.

One of the biggest reasons that commercial cleaning suppliers lose their contracts is due to a lack of service and non-performance. So, a commercial cleaning provider who is willing to properly train their employees and who is willing to guarantee a consistently high level of cleanliness will have what is takes to succeed in this burgeoning industry.

In the coming years, many analysts project that the greatest demand for commercial cleaning suppliers will come from health care, education, nursing homes and other private facilities. As most economists agree that the commercial cleaning industry is one to watch and with the high rate of small, private companies who start-up and are unable to continue, there is plenty of opportunity for someone who is willing to create a large, professional and standardized commercial cleaning service, that will provide consistently high results.

The commercial cleaning industry has always been around, but it has remained in the realm of small operators. Now, more people are starting to take notice of the potential of the industry and are beginning to launch larger companies. Even if they are unable to compete price-wise with the smaller operators, if they provide a better service, then businesses will be more likely to hire and keep them on.

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