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OUR Disinfection SERVICE

There are two options disinfections just for you

Are you ready to resume your operation after the MCO or still struggling with hygiene preparation? 

Option 1 : Virus Disinfectant Misting by Rely on Vikron

Broad misting to disinfectant most type of virus. Why This?

Option 2 : Eco-Film Coating Protection

To protect your places for up to 30 days! Why This?


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How Is It Done?

Disinfection Process


STEP 1: Before treatment commences, customers will be given a checklist to prepare the site for treatment including covering all food & food-related appliances. People and pets (if any) must be evacuated from the area of treatment. This is a routine precaution to conduct disinfection treatment in the premises.


STEP 2: Our highly trained service technician with proper equipment will commence surface sanitation disinfection with thorough wiping of all high-contact areas such as table surfaces, door knobs and filing cabinet handles with the sanitising solution.


STEP 3: Space sanitation using the disinfecting solution in the form of misting will commence after that to deliver the particles at hard-to-reach corners, wall and floor surfaces


STEP 4: The enclosed treatment area will be exposed to the sanitising solution for a minimum duration of two hours before the ventilation process takes place.

Why Choose Disinfection Misting Service?


Modern Disinfectant


We use a broad-spectrum, non-selective disinfectant with outstanding virucide properties for a fast kill.


Worldwide Choice. Our disinfectant is also approved by governments worldwide for Emergency Disease Control.


Superior Safety. A superior safety profile ensures convenient application for users, safe for all surfaces and can even be misted safely in the presence of animals.


Environmental profile. We have selected a disinfectant that includes ingredients which have been carefully chosen for their ability to degrade naturally within the environment.


We may provide a completion certificate for you after the treatment.

Why Choose Eco-Film Coating Service?


Advanced Technology We use the latest in nano technology to ensure we offer the best protection that lasts eliminating 99% of bacteria, odours, viruses and VOC’s


Environmentally Friendly naturally occurring element used in many applications worldwide in a 99% water-based solution


Easy Application suitable for all surfaces, non-toxic and non-flammable. No power equipment required and no ongoing filters or parts to maintain after application

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